Dressing up your commercial property or business’s existing signage for Christmas is a festive way to attract shoppers, visitors and customers! Finding decor that will compliment, but not dominate or clash with your property’s outdoor signage is what the purpose of this blog post is! The design experts at Champion Studios have chosen products from the Champion Studios Exterior Commercial Holiday Decor line that will complement existing signage no matter its size or color scheme:

Giant 4-Loop Bow: An elegant complimentary holiday piece for signage on located buildings and entrances, Champion Studios Giant 4-Loop Bow is traditional and classic in look but large and impactful in size! Made of commercial grade outdoor material and a steel framework, this Giant Commercial Outdoor Bow is created to withstand all extreme weather elements and is available in custom sizes.

Giant Fiberglass Props: Champion Studios’ Giant Fiberglass Props have always been a customer favorite for overhead decor, but another way to utilize these classic ornaments is to position them beside ground signage or anchor beside signage on buildings. Available in various sizes, styles and finishes these classic commercial Christmas display props will draw attention to any property or business’s signage day or night!

Topiary LED Deer: Ideal for any grounded exterior signage, Champion Studios’ Topiary LED Deer are hand-crafted by professionals using the highest quality garland to ensure sturdy, dependable decor that can endure extreme weather conditions. These Topiary Reindeer are available in a number of poses and sizes, making them perfect for display alongside any size exterior signage that comes to life at night with LED lights.

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