For any commercial building with large windows facing the exterior of the property, finding holiday decor that will grab attention but not dominate or clash with the rest of the property is a common headache for decorators. Windows are the eyes into your commercial property, so the holiday decor design experts at Champion Studios have found a number of potential commercial holiday decor solutions that are simple and clean in design, easy to install and require little storage space –all of which are important to businesses, shopping centers, venues and convention centers.

In window areas that have access to electricity the possibilities are endless for Christmas! To emulate the look of falling snow, our LED Snowfall lights are perfect to display on the interior of large windows, such as the window pictured above. If a more subtle look is desired, twinkling LED light curtains are great to add shimmer and sparkle that is guaranteed to catch the eye of passersby, and adding ornamentation or crystals to the light curtains to create both daytime and nighttime appeal.Thinking your property’s windows could use a splash of holiday color? Achieve this by outlining windows with multi-colored LED festival lights that are sure to pack the punch of holiday color!

No electrical available near your windows? Not a problem! Display a festive large wreath outfitted with decor specific to your property’s liking or a whimsical giant holiday bow for decor that is large enough to make an impact, but will not overwhelm the architectural elements of your windows.

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