A common staple event of the holiday season, every child looks forward to sitting on Santa Claus’s lap at their local mall or shopping center and families look forward to purchasing the photo of this priceless captured moment. It is important to consider the conditions and the existence of their Santa set staple items. The design experts at Champion Studios put together a list of Santa set essentials that all centers should have in top condition for their Santa set areas.

Santa Seating: With various styles, sizes and colors of Santa chairs available it can make it difficult to choose from. Santa’s chair is the focal point of the photo, so having a chair that is attractive and appropriate in size for your set is important. Make sure to also keep comfort level in mind –a smiling, happy and comfortable Santa also makes a fabulous holiday photo.

Artificial Trees: Providing visitors with festive and timeless holiday backgrounds for these photos is important to convert these photos into revenue for the shopping center. Decorated and pre-lit LED trees are perfect backgrounds for Santa photos and great placed throughout the set. Coming in various sizes and styles, it is essential that you take into consideration the ceiling height and area space available when choosing artificial Christmas trees.

Sales Area: The sales area is the desired destination point of the Santa photo experience. An ideal sales counter is one that has enough room for a cash register, product display and somewhere for visitors to write checks. A smaller Santa set could use a 4’ sales counter, while larger Santa set area would use the 6′ sales counter. In addition to size, functionality is also an important factor when choosing the right sales counter for your Santa set. Many sales counters come with lit display cases with shelving, camera surrounds, cabinets and drawers and electricity available.

Fencing & Hedging: Having a crowd control barrier and queue line DSC00400creator is an important part of a Santa set, as it controls the flow of traffic around and through a set. Steel framed fencing is available in several different sizes and colors, and is the most popular choice for Santa sets.

LED topiary hedge fencing is a traditional and fuller fencing option, and at Champion Studios we have seen a spike in requests for this lit hedge fencing for the upcoming holiday season. When choosing fencing and hedging, also keep in mind if you are going to need end posts or column posts.

Carpet: Vibrant colored carpeting creates a clean and polished look for the Santa set. An easy update to for existing décor,

carpeting for sets is generally red or green. Champion Studios currently has special pricing on carpet for the 2014 holiday season. Click here for more information.

Not sure what kind of holiday essentials your set needs for the 2014 season? When in doubt, call your Champion Studios design expert today at 1-888-793-7669.

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