Emitting a warm light, incandescent lights are used by everyone whether in residential or commercial holiday decor application because they are inexpensive at the time of purchase –but there are more reasons many users are abandoning these lights for the upcoming holiday season deeming them a spot on the Naughty List.

Inefficient Lifespans: Although less costly at the time of purchase compared to rivaling LED lighting, purchasing incandescent lights can cost a buyer more money in the long-run. The lifetime of the average incandescent light is about 1,200 hours, compared to the 50,000 hour-lifespan of an LED light, causing the need to purchase more bulbs, which isn’t budget-friendly.

High Wattage: The use of incandescent lights can cause a hike in energy usage, especially during the holiday season. Did you know that incandescent lights use almost 600% more energy than LED lighting?

Safety Hazard: The typical incandescent light emits nearly 80 times more heat than the average LED light increasing the likelihood of overheating and potentially starting a fire. Most fire marshals have declared incandescent lighting hazardous and not fire-code friendly.

Sensitive: Extremely low or high temperatures are just one way the incandescent light’s functionality is impacted by exterior influences. Did you know that the number one cause of failing incandescent lights is due to bumping and jarring? In contrast to incandescent lights, LED lighting holds up in extreme weather and can withstand bumping and jarring.

An easy way to keep YOUR commercial property off the Naughty List for the 2014 holiday season call a Champion Studios design expert today to discuss how your property can convert to LED lighting.

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