• Sales: An industry direct source for commercial Christmas and Easter decor, we pride ourselves on having the largest domestically produced product line and highest quality directly imported goods in the commercial holiday decor business, which allows us to offer our products to our customers at the most competitive prices. The product line at Champion Studios is extensive and includes a wide variety of commercial holiday décor products that will satisfy the needs of the customers of Champion Studios. VIEW OUR PRODUCT LINE
  • Manufacturing: Our in-house manufacturing facility houses every department that is key to providing Champion Studios customers with high quality, top of the line commercial holiday decor that is made in the USA. Whether it’s whimsical plush animated characters, trees decorated with a certain style in mind or magical Santa scenes, every product manufactured at Champion Studios is created with artisan craftsmanship and offered at affordable price points. The production staff at Champion Studios is comprised of men and women with skill and craftsmanship gained from years of experience in their specialized areas all with one goal in mind: creating the highest quality products to customers.
  • Custom Design: Creatively planning and designing every detail of a program, the holiday decor design experts at Champion Studios have gained many years of experience in the commercial holiday decor business and know how to create magnificent scenes that will meet a customer’s needs and budget. In the past, our design team has created everything from magnificent themed Santa sets for shopping centers to towering walkthrough trees for lifestyle center and giant anniversary birthday cakes for theme parks.
  • Large-Format Printing: With an in-house large format printing facility, we offer our clients various print and signage solutions ranging from slip-proof floor graphics and printed banners to branded or custom designed barricades. Much more than just holiday décor, Champion Studios offers the large-format printing services year round and our print technician is always available to discuss large format opportunities with clients.