Champion Studios in partnership with Champion Premier Services LLC, is proud to provide optional turn-key service beginning with design and manufacture, through installation and take-down, and continuing with maintenance and off-site storage. We will take the hassle out of décor and completely manage the process for you.

Whether your program is custom designed or one of our standard sets, all of the elements have been designed to work together and create a harmonious holiday display. They have been engineered to last a long time, while still looking fabulous.

Our skilled craftsmen build your set with attention to detail and longevity. Our state-of-the-art systems ensure that we produce the best and hardiest product possible for your set.

Experienced installers will construct your set during off-hours if possible, meticulously placing every last detail, bringing the complete picture to life.

When the season is over, our installers will dismantle your décor program, packing it safely away and returning the area to its original state.

Off-Site Storage
We will arrange transportation and store your décor set remotely until it is time to install it again.

We will make sure your décor is clean and in good shape when it returns to your center the next year.